Christopher Nieper interviewed on Radio 4 Analysis about Institutional Memory

Radio 4 Analysis interviews staff in the David Nieper sewing school and MD Christopher Nieper about what happens when institutions lose their memory, and the company’s policy of encouraging older workers to pass on valuable expertise through phased retirement and mentoring.

The interviews are at the following points in the programme:

  • From the start of the program up to 1.38 mins
  • From 10.28 mins up to 14.15 mins
  • From 26.30 mins up to the end at 27 mins

 Radio 4 Analysis: Corporate Amnesia

Christopher Nieper Interviewed About ‘Made in UK’ Commitment

Christopher Nieper was interviewed on BBC Radio Derby’s Rob Watts show about his recent lifetime achievement award for commitment To ‘Made In Britain’ manufacturing and how David Nieper have been supporting and promoting the use of local skills for over 50 years.

You can listen to the interview in two parts:

 BBC Radio Derby interview with Christopher Nieper, Part 1 (MP3)

Lifetime achievement award for services to British fashion and home shopping
Why manufacture in Britain and not offshore
How to skill the next generation for the future

 BBC Radio Derby interview with Christopher Nieper, Part 2 (MP3)

Starting a new knitwear and printing business – creating new jobs
Britain’s European membership and its impact on jobs.