Boris Johnson tells David Nieper fashion house that EU is a stitch up

David Nieper employees had a rare opportunity to put democracy into action this week, when former London Mayor Boris Johnson, visited the fashion house on Monday as part of his Brexit campaign to leave the EU.

Over 250+ David Nieper staff gathered to listen to his speech and ask questions to both Boris and Gisela Stuart MP about the potential consequences of a Brexit, alongside a media entourage of over 50 national press and television crews from all over the country.


David Nieper buys fabrics in Europe, employs sales staff in Europe, has one third of its customers in Europe yet manufactures everything at its factories in Britain with the best of British skills. Despite Brexit fears, recent sales show European demand for quality British made fashion at record levels and the appetite for British fashion has hit an all-time high.


In striking contrast to the reported downturn in business investment, David Nieper, this year celebrating its 55th anniversary has ramped up investment in Europe on the back of record exports.
The increased investment includes a new advertising campaign on German and French TV stations, which will be going live with the launch of next season’s collection.

David Nieper mails 3 million French, German and Dutch language fashion brochures each year to its private clients in Europe, and has now commissioned the building of a new Italian high-speed mailing line to be installed in one of its Derbyshire factories over the summer. This will be the second most expensive capital machinery investment since the business started in 1961.

It is business as usual at David Nieper in Derbyshire. The family run business, established in 1961 was trading long before the common market, and is confident about trading long after 23 June.
Christopher Nieper, Managing Director of David Nieper commented:

“In uncertainty there is always opportunity. The EU referendum is becoming like the Millennium bug, much feared but soon forgotten! On June 24th, whether Britain remains or leaves it will be business as usual. We shouldn’t underestimate the resourcefulness of British people, British business and the British brand in today’s world market.

Our European business is thriving and we are creating more manufacturing jobs in Britain. European customers choose our designs because they have confidence in British quality, they don’t buy just because Britain is a member of the EU.”


David Nieper is a family run business, employing 250+ staff in Derbyshire with offices in France, Germany and Holland.