David Nieper Academy welcomes pupils into new £15 million building

“Welcome to your new school. You can be the leaders and achievers of the future and we will help you get there” … was the message delivered by Head teacher Dr Kathryn Hobbs on the first morning back to school after half term. The children at the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton experienced a day unlike any other, as they walked into their new £15million school building for very first time.

After handing out orientation maps and arranging a treasure hunt around the shiny new corridors and classrooms, Head teacher Dr. Kathryn Hobbs held a welcome assembly for staff and students and told them this move marked a brand new beginning for each and every one of them.

Addressing the school, Dr. Hobbs spoke to the children and shared her thoughts and the school’s vision for future.

“We have a fantastic new building and a fresh new start… leave any bad habits with the old building, they have no place here.  It is the mission of the David Nieper Education Trust to develop leaders and achievers for the future and that is each and every one of you.

You can be anything you want to be, you can go anywhere you want to go, you can do whatever you want to do and we are here to help you do that. If you want to go to University we can help you get there, if you want an amazing apprenticeship we can help you do that. You need to work hard, do your best and we are here to help you achieve.”

The opening of the school was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony by two of the youngest Year 7 students, who were accompanied by three former students from amongst those when the school very first opened on the site in 1939.

The David Nieper Academy is one of Derbyshire’s most ambitious and innovative educational ventures and one of Britain’s few privately sponsored Academies.

The aim is to build a community school where local employers and educators work together.

The school will offer first class academic support and give children a privileged connection with local employers and a career enriched curriculum intended to lead to jobs, apprenticeships or a head-start in further education at college or University.

Christopher Nieper, Chair of Trustees and founder of the David Nieper Education Trust commented:

“What an exciting day for these children and this move doesn’t come a minute too soon. Alfreton’s children really do deserve the very best facilities and this new building is a fantastic environment in which to learn.  Working with the teaching staff our aim is to create an outstanding school of which the whole community can be proud.”



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