David Nieper Answers the Fashion Revolution Campaign on Every Label …We Made your Clothes!

David Nieper, the Derbyshire based fashion house is supporting the Fashion Revolution #whomademyclothes campaign, to help mark the 3rd anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, where 1134 people were killed when their place of work collapsed around them while making clothes in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Fashion Revolution Week (18-24 April) aims to use the power of fashion to help highlight working conditions for the people who make the world’s clothes, and encourage British consumers to question where the clothes they buy have come from… Who spun the thread? Who dyed the cotton? Who sewed them together?



Every fashion garment sold in the UK has a label, which includes care instructions, fibre content, flammability and country of origin, yet offers no real information about where or how it was made.

David Nieper is a family run business, established in 1961 and employing 250 skilled staff. The company has never ‘gone offshore’ and has always stayed loyal to local people and for over 55 years has continuously invested in local skills.

The David Nieper company has always gone the extra mile to prioritize provenance and integrity in the production process of clothes made in their factory. Indeed, it is a long standing custom in the company that every single piece of clothing made is fastened with a swing-tag, which is signed by the people involved in making it – from the seamstress, to the person that does the ironing!


Christopher Nieper, Managing Director at David Nieper commented:

“I’m very happy to support the Fashion Revolution campaign, it highlights the difference between the high standards we keep here in Britain and the terrible conditions which led to the Rana Plaza disaster. Customers should vote with their feet and choose responsibly produced fashion.

Every fashion garment has a label, which gives fashion companies an opportunity to offer consumers information about how and where their clothes were produced.We should set the standards and create a hallmark (similar to Fairtrade) that can be displayed on labels.

It is the responsibility of the fashion world and government trade organisations to make this a priority and find a sustainable solution.”

All David Nieper collections are designed and manufactured from the fashion house in Derbyshire, with unswerving commitment not just to the exceptional quality of each garment sold, but also to the wellbeing of the people that make them.