David Nieper Awards Derbyshire’s Top Young Design Talent

Some of Derbyshire’s best young design talent was recognised, when over 80 children from 5 local Derbyshire Primary schools visited our fashion house in Alfreton, for the final judging of the 2016 Fashion for Free! school’s design competition.

Our annual Fashion for Free competition was established to help encourage children to use their imaginations and learn how to create and make things. The competition is open to 5-11 year olds, who were challenged to design and make a textiles creation.


FashionForFree2016_DavidNieper_ASP2454      FashionForFree2016_DavidNieper_ASP2244

This year’s theme was ‘Once Upon a Time…..Fairytale and Fantasy’ and inspired the children to get creative with some outstanding results. Many pieces were inspired by classic fairytales including Cinderella and Aladdin, and others had a modern twist with influences from Disney’s Maleficient and Tinkerbell.

The event is called Fashion for Free! as the children were not allowed to spend any money on their design, but were required to find something from around the home or school, and give it a new lease of life using only old and recycled items.



As part of the day’s activities the children were given an interactive tour of the fashion house. They visited the sewing rooms and design studio, where they were able to watch designers and dressmakers at work, and they learned about how clothes are made from start to finish.

The children also had the opportunity to join in fun, craft and sewing activities during the day including button and bow making as well as practicing their cross stich, before the presentation of prizes.


FashionForFree2016_DavidNieper_ASP2277   FashionForFree2016_DavidNieper_ASP2235