David Nieper Featured in The Ethical Hedonist

occasions-2Journalist and fashion editor Alison Jane Reid featured David Nieper’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collections on her excellent blog The Ethical Hedonist, talking about the revival of luxury dressing and highlighting her favourites from our Made in Britain fashions.

“There is a new mood sweeping through the world of luxury and heritage that would delight the wasp wit of the Dowager Countess of Grantham. As everyday life speeds up, luxury is defiantly heading in precisely the opposite direction. Today, luxury is all about the art of the artisan and savouring the art of ‘slow living’.  It started with the slow food movement, and a re-discovery and appreciation for exquisite artisan products made with love and fascinating regional traditions, and now the most discerning fashion lover wants her fashion to be slow and fabulously authentic too.

Made in Britain fashion is firmly back in the fashion spotlight and the epi-centre of the revolution isn’t in London – it’s in Derbyshire at a remarkable family run company celebrated for its timeless, alluring, beautifully crafted fashion masterpieces  – created with extraordinary passion, pride and love by a rather dashing visionary –

David Nieper and his son and heir apparent, Christopher.”

Read the full article on Ethical Hedonist here: Dazzle Like a Downton Duchess in David Nieper