The Telegraph – David Nieper makes a case for keeping manufacturing in the UK

Marks & Spencer admitted last week that it had failed to stock enough of its most popular lines – most manufactured in the Far East – for its all important womenswear range. Marc Bolland, the chief executive of M&S really should dig out the telephone number of Christopher Nieper.

Mr Nieper runs a lingerie and nightwear business based in Derbyshire which makes tasteful attire for women over 40. He says his stubborn faith in UK manufacturing has sheltered him from the vagaries of supply chains anchored in the Far East. Mr Nieper describes relying on overseas producers as “a hopeless arrangement”. The long lead times and high volume runs can mean “you spend the whole season discounting to get rid of stock ordered in the wrong ratio”.

“If you make it locally, you cut out all of that waste, making what the customer wants, in the right size and colour and at the right time so you don’t have to discount,” he said in an interview with the Telegraph in February.

Christopher Nieper’s comments were quoted today in a Telegraph article on why betting on the UK makes good sense.