Managing Director, Christopher Nieper’s reaction to EU referendum result

EU Referendum Result Statement

Independence day! This is history in the making and Britain can at last take back control of its destiny.

Britain is a great place to do business, we have the huge advantage of a thriving entrepreneurial culture, the world’s 5th largest economy and English being the world’s business language.

Today is a catalyst for the re-shaping of politics both here in Britain and within the EU for the benefit of all member states. Today Britain took the initiative and we now have the chance to make our own trade deals and to welcome the brightest and best to our country from anywhere in the world. Democracy is back, we can set our own taxes and make our own laws with our own elected government.

What next? We must rebuild confidence everywhere to secure the future of Britain and our EU neighbours. I would suggest our government doesn’t instigate article 50 immediately and start with informal negotiations with our European partners. We are still a member of the EU at this point so can start these negotiations from the inside. The very best arrangements are always a win-win for both sides and our relationship with the EU is surely the same. We need the EU, they need us and it’s in both our interests to co-operate for mutual benefit.

Here at David Nieper, it’s business as usual. We have a very full order-book, confidence is high and we must do our part to create a high skill, high added value and high wage economy for Britain. Customers worldwide choose British design, British made and British quality.

We have nothing to fear.