Production Landmark for David Nieper Fashion House

Yarns have been spinning and spools have been whirring at the David Nieper fashion house in Derbyshire this week, as the knitwear team cast off their 100,000th garment.

Over 30 years Britain has lost 85% of its’ textile jobs to offshore production and when the last of David Nieper’s British suppliers closed in the wake of the last recession, David Nieper, determined to keep jobs in Britain opened their own facility. Confident in customer’s appetite for British made goods they purchased brand new machines, trained staff from scratch and opened one of the few genuinely new knitwear production units in Britain for a generation.

The family business established in 1961 has always been loyal to British skills and today their knitwear division accounts for up to 20% of their fashion garments, made in Cashmere and luxury merino wools.

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