Senior Engineer passes on skills before retiring

Staff at the David Nieper sewing rooms in Alfreton have wished a happy retirement to Senior Engineer John Rollisson, one of the company’s highly skilled engineers.

John, who has been at the company for 16 years has had a career as a man in a woman’s world! He’s now looking forward to learning golf and spending time with family in Australia.

John, who has two children and two grand-children joined the company in 2000, he started as a sewing machine mechanic at the age of 16 and has gradually increased his portfolio to cover everything and anything both mechanical and electrical in a busy textile environment.



John said:

“I am looking forward to more holidays, time to relax and taking up golf! I will definitely miss the people and the banter at David Nieper who have become like an extended family. I’d like to thank everyone for their generous retirement gift, and say thank-you to Mr and Mrs Nieper for their support over the years.”

Managing Director, Christopher Nieper commented:

“John has been brilliant, he’s turned his hand to anything and everything for 16 years and had the foresight to pass on those precious sewing machine technical skills to the next generation of mechanics here at David Nieper. We will all miss him but wish him the very best with his retirement.”