David Nieper Challenges Manufacturing Industry to go ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’.

David Nieper, fashion designer and manufacturer in Derbyshire has become a ‘zero waste to landfill’ company – a move which Managing Director, Christopher Nieper says makes total environmental and business sense.

Achieving a zero waste to landfill status means that all waste produced by the business and within the manufacturing process is reused, recycled, composted or sent to energy recovery.

David Nieper has always been committed to the sustainable production of fashion.   Becoming zero waste to landfill is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainable fashion production and aims to minimize environmental impact at each stage of the production process.

Christopher Nieper, Managing Director, David Nieper Ltd commented:

“There is no excuse not to recycle and we urge the manufacturing industry to rethink waste and see it as an opportunity to improve environmental performance, cost save and ensure peace of mind regarding legal compliancy – it makes total business sense.

As both a designer and manufacturer, safeguarding our environment to ensure a sustainable future is of paramount importance. Our family business has always operated a just in time manufacturing system which means only making the garment when we have received the order, therefore eliminating waste by creating no overproduction or excess stock in the first place

By condemning waste to landfill we limit the potential for reuse, recycling or recovery of valuable raw materials; we also increase the pressure on natural resources and ultimately generate more greenhouse gas emissions.”

David Nieper has partnered with enva.com, where waste is sorted into streams which undergo an initial visual inspection pre-sort into plastic, paper, card, rubber and textiles, before it is further processed through the plant using a combination of technologies to shred and sort the waste.

Materials are then further processed to produce two products – a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) for use in the UK cement kilns and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) which provides electricity for district heating schemes.

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