David Nieper Features in Derbyshire Magazine: “Why the French Adore our Style”

Derbyshire Magazine’s Lynne Dixon visited David Nieper’s design studios and factory in Alfreton recently and talked to the fashion house’s founder David Nieper and managing director Christopher Nieper about the company’s 50-year history, reputation for quality workmanship and commitment to UK manufacturing – and why the company is so popular with stylish continentals.

derbyslifepic“France is our best market outside the UK,” explains Christopher, “Which is very flattering considering it’s such a fashion-concious country. The women of Versailles, in particular, have access to some of the world’s most upmarket boutiques, yet a number of them choose to buy clothes by mail order from a Derbyshire country. I believe it’s the high quality and exclusivity of our women’s wear that appeals to them. Also the ‘made in England’ label has great cachet.”

The full article is available to view here:

 Derbyshire Magazine: “Why the French adore our style”